Investing in The Next Generation of Activists & Researchers

Through our annual essay contest, the John Sexton Scholars Program selects thoughtful and creative young activists and researchers to join our team of Scholars in order to further develop their practical skills and academic insight into today's international conflicts. 


The opportunities we provide are tailored to our Scholars varied interests and are made possible by connecting them with current experts in their fields, including leading university professors, authors, human rights lawyers, non-profit directors, educators, and others.  More specifically, this includes:

The Student Journal for International Conflict

JS Scholars currently have unique access to our online journal.  Through our Writing Mentorship and Interview Programs, we help our Scholars develop their ideas and bring them to fruition in both written and video publications.

Writing Mentorship Program

JS Scholars interested in publishing a research essay, policy proposal, or other academic work are matched with one of our Writing Mentors, each a leader in their respective fields.  Our Scholars and Mentors will start by meeting individually to discuss and refine the overall concepts and arguments the Scholar is working on. This is followed by additional meetings to outline and draft the article.  Lastly, our Managing Editor helps each Scholar with the final stages of copy editing and publication.

Interview Program

Interested JS Scholars are matched with one of the leading experts or academics who are affiliated with the program.  Before the interview, our Managing Editor provides professional training on how to conduct interviews, research and write interview question, and assists with mock practice sessions. Afterwards we arrange the interview itself, and then edit and publish the interviews on our journal.

Collective Grantmaking 

Each year, the JS Scholars Program fundraises a significant amount of money for the specific purpose of donating it to international NGOs working directly on issues of conflict, displaced persons, and related issues.  Our incoming class of Scholars are then tasked with researching NGOs related to their year's essay contest question and writing a proposal for how to allocate the donation.  The proposal is evaluated by our Staff and Board of Directors, who then assist the cohort in making the donation.

Internship Opportunities


As internships become available with our growing network of affiliated and other NGOs, Scholars will be directly connected with these opportunities or assisted with applying for them.