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The John Sexton Scholars Program

for International Conflict & Peace Studies


is an educational nonprofit working primarily with High School students in NJ, NY, & CT and College students across the US.

Our Mission is two-fold

  • To promote awareness of current international crises involving conflict and displaced peoples, especially those with little media attention

  • To provide substantive professional and academic opportunities to the next generation of change makers

Annual JS Essay Contest

Each year, JSSP runs an essay contest for HS students with the goal of engaging their research and creative thinking skills on one or more current crises.  Our Judges - comprised of leading educators, authors, human rights lawyers, university professors, and non-profit directors - then select that year's newest scholars.

After winning the essay contest, JS Scholars enjoy several benefits preparing them for college, including:

  • College & career advice with John Sexton, Pres. Emeritus of NYU

  • Scholarships & free SAT tutoring

  • Guidance on the college application essays and process 


The JS Scholars Program

In addition, JS Scholars have access to unique academic and professional opportunities, including:

  • Internships with affiliated organizations

  • Interview opportunities with leaders in the field

  • Writing and research mentorships with our journal

  • Grantmaking opportunities with international NGO's

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