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The Student Journal on International Conflict is currently only accepting submissions from JS Scholars, Writing Mentors and professionals and experts affiliated with JSSP.  If you would like to work on an journal article, blog post or video interview, please contact the Managing Editor, Paul Chiariello, for more details. 

Current JS Scholars

Writing & Research Mentorship Program

JS Scholars interested in publishing a research essay, policy proposal, or other academic work are matched with one of our Writing Mentors, each a leader in their respective fields. This programs will provide an invaluable opportunity for Scholars to refine both their ideas and writing with one-on-one guidance.


Scholars and Mentors will begin by meeting individually, at least once, to discuss and refine the overall concepts and arguments the Scholar is developing. This is followed by an additional meeting(s) to draft the article.  Lastly, our Managing Editor helps each Scholar with the final stages of copy editing and publication.

Interested Scholars should email a one paragraph proposal with your thesis and relevant background information.  Please do not submit drafts of articles.  All proposals are tentative and we expect that your arguments will evolve during the mentoring process. Final essays should be between 800-2000 words, excluding the required bibliography.

Video Interview Program

Interested JS Scholars are matched with one of the leading experts, professionals, or academics affiliated with JSSP. Scholars will develop their skills in research, public speaking, and interviewing as they engage experts on important crises and how we can best respond.


Before the interview, our Managing Editor provides professional training on how to write interview question, conduct interviews, and assists with mock practice sessions. Afterwards we arrange the interview itself between the JS Scholar and interviewee, and then edit and publish the interview on the Journal.

Current Events Blog

Unlike the more formal and academic Writing Mentorship, whose process often takes weeks, the Blog is meant to provide a more timely platform for JS Scholars to discuss their ideas on current crises. Scholars interested in writing on a current event topic within the last few weeks are invited to propose short, informal blog articles. 

Scholars should contact the Managing Editor to propose an idea they would like to write about. Please do not submit drafts of articles. The Managing Editor will provide timely feedback and guidance, and later copy editing for the article before it is published.  Final blog articles should be between 300-500 words.  No bibliography is required, but citations via in text hyperlinks must be included.

Professionals Affiliated with the JSSP

Letters to Scholars 

We welcome articles from experts who are affiliated with the JS Scholars Program.  The series is addressed to American High School and College students on how they can best learn about and engage issues related to international conflict and peace study and practice. 


Both article proposals and drafts will be considered. Please contact the Managing Editor for more details.

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