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Police Modernization in Bangladesh: Women's Rights, Social Media & Rohingya Crisis -Mashroof Hossain

In this interview, Eric Han (JS Scholar 2021) sits for a conversation with Tahsin Mashroof Hossain Mashfi to discuss police modernization, women’s self-defense, social media surveillance, and his firsthand account of the 2017 Rohingya mass migration to Bangladesh.

Tahsin Mashroof Hossain Mashfi is Deputy Director of the Police Staff College in Bangladesh and Superintendent of the Bangladesh Police. He received his Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School and a Masters in Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He’s credited for the creation of both Project Warrior Women Bangladesh and the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Mobile App. Notably, he served as the special representative of district police at the border of Myanmar during the mass Rohingya refugee exodus in 2017.


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