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Truth and Reconciliation Committee and Mass Atrocity

Our Mission for a Peaceful Future

The John Sexton Scholars Program invests in a more peaceful and just future by providing unique professional development opportunities for High School and College students interested in humanitarianism, international law, displaced populations, and identity based conflict.

Each year, we select new Scholars through an essay contest for HS students in NY, NJ, and CT, promoting awareness of one or more current international crises. In addition to a one-of-a-kind mentorship with John Sexton, the President Emeritus of NYU, Scholars are eligible for exclusive opportunities in Conflict & Peace Studies, including writing mentorships with our Journal and conducting interviews with leading world experts.


Meet the 2023 Scholars

Peter Grande.jpeg

Peter Grande

Kiran Yeh.jpeg

Kiran Yeh

Tahia Bristi.jpg

Tahia Bristi

Alex Kho.jpg

Alex Kho

Rahul Ramakrishnan.jpg

Rahul Ramakrishnan

Arnav Raval.jpg

Arnav Raval

Matthew Lee.jpg

Matthew Lee

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